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Shabby Chic Craft Box - Deluxe Membership

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The Deluxe Shabby Chic Craft Box Subscription is a craft box that is mailed to you filled with goodies to craft with. Each box will include enough supplies to create an exclusive craft WITH ME on a specified date and time! Items you may (but are not guaranteed) receive in your box are:

  • A variety of craft supplies
  • Buttons
  • Embellishments
  • Trinkets
  • Exclusive vintage designs (designed by me!) that will be on a variety of paper styles
  • Up to 3 home decor items hand-curated by me

You may also occasionally receive a free printable, or a surprise shirt. The colors and embellishments will change according to each season.

If you would like to purchase the Basic Shabby Chic Craft box which does not include up to 3 home decor items, the occasional shirt, please sign up HERE.

Each box will be exclusive projects and will only be available ONE TIME.These DIYs will ONLY be available to you if you are subscribed to this box.

All boxes will be shipped the 3rd week of January, March, May, July, September, and November. 

The contents of your box will be a surprise! Just like other craft boxes out there, you are ordering a surprise box. Once your box arrives, you can open it, inspect it and then wait for our scheduled "Shabby Chic craft date" date that is noted in your box. You will wait to craft what is in the box until we all craft together.

QR codes are included on your inserts. You can simply open your camera and open up the sites linked through the QR Codes, or type in the address on the page to join our Facebook group that is ONLY open to members of this box.

Shipping + Payment Information:

All boxes will be shipped out the 3rd week of January, March, May, July, September, and November.  As long as you have an active subscription by the 10th of each of these months, you will get a box shipped that month. Please make sure you fill out your information accurately at checkout. We are not responsible for misspellings, incorrect addresses. There are no refunds, credits or exchanges for our Boxes. We will not re-ship or replace boxes.

Facebook Group:

You are responsible for joining the private facebook group which is noted inside your box. You are responsible to show up for "Shabby Chic craft date" and craft along with what is in your box if you choose. A replay will be available for those who order a box and are not able to follow along on our specified date/time.

Our Shabby Chic Craft Boxes are NOT included with any of our other memberships.


Q: How is this different from DIY'ing To A Better Life?

A: DIY'ing To A Better Life is a monthly membership that is virtual and no supplies are mailed to you. Instead, you are given 3 supply lists ahead of time for 3 different detailed and high end crafts that you can make with me weekly (the last week of the month is reserved for a virtual hangout where we discuss which DIYs we want to do the following month). This membership also includes free printables each month, bonus content, and exclusive member discounts and products available only to members. Join DIY'ing To A Better Life HERE.

Q: How is this box different from the Basic Shabby Chic Craft Box?

A: The Basic Box does NOT include up to 3 home decor items hand-picked by me.  Additionally, the Basic Membership does not include the possibility of occasionally receiving a surprise shirt. You can purchase the Basic Box HERE.

Q: How is this box different from the Seasonal DIY Mystery Box?

A: The Seasonal DIY Mystery box has been re-branded into this Shabby Chic Craft Box and is no longer available. The Shabby Chic Craft Box will work similarly to the Seasonal DIY Mystery Box, but will focus more on creating with beautiful shabby chic designs.

Q: What happens after I join?

A: After you join, keep an eye on your email and expect a welcome email from me and have a link to join our Facebook group! I will send an email out as well as a Facebook invite well before our craft date. All you need to do is show up in the group on the specified date/time with your box and we will create together! If you can't make the live, no problem. A replay will be available. 

Q: What is the value of each box?

A: Box price consideration is determined on a retail value as well as class perceived value which is how tutorials and workshops are priced. Shipping cost is also factored in that price. Box price is actually priced well below retail value.

Q: How much do the boxes cost?

A: Our basic boxes are $37 + tax, billed every other month in January, March, May, July, September, and November. The Deluxe Box is $54 + tax. You can purchase a Basic membership HERE.


Q: Can I cancel at anytime?

A: Yes! You should be able to cancel by logging into your account on our website. If you have trouble, simply email us and we will help you cancel your subscription. Please note that you must provide 30 days notice to cancel your Subscription. If a renewal is due 30 days or less from your cancellation notice, you will still be charged for and receive the next shipment before your account is cancelled. To cancel your subscription, you must email us here. Please note that if you haven't received an email confirming your cancellation, your subscription has not yet been cancelled.


Q: What if I gave you the wrong address?

A: You can inform us of your updated address by emailing us here. If your box hasn't been shipped yet we should be able to update it. We are not responsible and will not replace any boxes shipped to the wrong address given.


Q: What if I can't be there for one of our group craft nights?

A: Replays will be available in our exclusive Facebook group. Simply look up the replay and follow along when you have time to complete your craft.


Q: Where will our group craft night take place?

A: All of our group craft dates will take place inside our exclusive Facebook group. Look for an email from me after you sign up that will have a link to the group. It is your responsibility to join the group in a timely manner (at least 1 week before our craft night). You MUST enter the email address you used to purchase your subscription, this is how we verify that you are supposed to be in the group. If you do not enter your email address, you will not be allowed to join. We are not responsible for members missing craft dates due to not adding their email address, or not requesting to join the group in a timely manner. Replays WILL be available should you happen to miss a craft date.

Q: Can I ship my box to a P.O. Box address?

No. You must provide a physical address in order to receive a Shabby Chic Craft Box. If you provide a P.O. Box, we will contact you for a physical address. We will not ship your box until we have a physical address on file. It is your responsibility to provide a physical address, and may forfeit any un-shipped boxes if an address is not provided in a timely manner.

Q: Are there an unlimited number of boxes?

No! The basic membership is capped at 50 boxes and the Deluxe membership is capped at 25 boxes. Sign up today to secure your spot!